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Aleph design, casa d'artista

Aleph-design is our name. We are a couple of architects and we have a passion for art and design, in our apartment there are pieces designed, engineered and manufactured by us with the help of skilled craft workers, these pieces are limited edition because they are all handmade and are all unique as they are made and finished one by one, but at the same time have a common matrix that is the project in which they were created. With us you can look, suare and also buy all that is exposed.


...Naples is a continuous source of inspiration in my work as an artist and ceramist. When I work with a piece, I am often reminded of the shape of the city. I think of its different levels, and so I give form to the layers of the raw clay, molding it with stuff like ropes or other materials to obtain a texture: these layers recall the levels of the ancient city, and are inspired by them. Naples has always grown on itself following the outline of the urban structure of the foundation: the Greek city. And there are places where you can discover pieces and fragments of earlier times. In my work I also mold the raw materials in layers from which sometimes you can guess a reminder or a fragment of a deeper layer. Our city finds itself in the nearbys of a volcano: the Vesuvius. This accounts for the lively character and energy of its inhabitants. The people here are used to live in the open.

by Alessandra d'aniello

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