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Where we are

The historic centre of Naples is a city

with a thousand faces: noble, common, mysterious and magical. Sacred and profane at the same time

But Naples has a so-called ‘Hippodamean’ urban structure, founded by the Greeks in the 4th century BC, whose traces are still visible in the composition of the city and on the faces of its people.

But there is yet more to discover...

The ‘vivacissima’  Via Tribunali is powered by the constant open air theatre put on by the market sellers and artisanal shopkeepers that crowd this legendary street, which runs straight through the city, enviably close to all its principal sites. inside at number 339 lies a haven, its classic courtyard sitting frozen in time. The building’s ancient history emanates from its walls and infuses the residence with a special atmosphere; we balance this with simple and contemporary twists dotted throughout our hotel. Contrast is a vital element to Tribù that pleasantly surprises our visitors. 

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